The property where New Freedom Church presently sits was purchased July 31, 1983. With the help of volunteers a 3,200 foot building was built.

The founding Pastor was William Wilkett. A goal was set for the first service to be the second week of December. The first service was New Years Eve 1983. The church began to grow and many were saved. Over the years there have been many revivals and meetings that would lead many to Christ.

In the beginning the Church was called First Apostolic Church of Coloma. Later it was called The Lighthouse. In 2005 the name was changed to New Freedom Church.

In May of 1992 the church elected Wade Blankenship as their Pastor. in 1995 work was started on a new multi-purpose building which is today our sanctuary. The church today is a spirit filled non-denominational church with a desire to lead people to Christ and provide a strong place of worship. As a Church we rejoice for all those who have joined us in an endeavor to do the work of the Kingdom. While we remember those who are here, our hearts long for the great reunion in heaven when we will see many who have gone on to be with Jesus.

We have come many miles for the cause of Christ and realize we have many more to go. With the help and grace of God we will complete our journey to the end.