New Freedom Church would be happy to welcome you! 

We want to share with you the love of God, which is the hope for tomorrow, the joy, peace, and strength for today.

Our preaching and teaching focus is simply God's Word, the Bible, which continues to have the most relevant answers for today and every day.  

Our worship is dynamic and expressive as we encourage people to be free in their worship and praise.

At New Freedom Church, you will find a warm and friendly atmosphere for you, your family, and your friends to experience God's presence. There will be lively, heartfelt worship, inspiring and insightful teaching, preaching, and ministry.

A good week starts on Sunday. We invite you to become a faithful follower of Jesus, building your faith and knowledge in God.


God's Word

Relationship with God and others

Expectant Prayer

Divine Healing

Freedom to worship




We believe the church should:

Exalt the Lord, Evangelize the lost, Establish the learner, Equip the laborer, and Enable the leader.

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